Good things come to those who wait




Nature is a reflection of life - a perfect metaphor full of lessons if we are willing to see them. From nature, we can learn about beauty, about harmony, about letting go of control and having faith and about the importance of investment. Perhaps most importantly, from nature we can learn about the virtue of patience.

Too often we are so focused on the gratification of immediate wins that we don’t put enough value on the nurturing, love and energy that goes into planting and sowing seeds in our lives. Seeds - in our gardens and in our lives - are pockets of potential that we hope someday will grow ripe and strong and beautiful.

Our actions everyday, whether they manifest in the energy we put into networking for our careers, the books we read to educate ourselves, a kind gesture towards a friend or a stranger, or even the steps we take for self-care are all seeds we are planting and nurturing. seeds that will one day blossom into the career we dream of, the friendships we desire and the mind and body health we deserve.


it’s important to remain mindful of the seeds we are planting and the ones we are choosing to water and care for. Where we put our energy determines what we are growing. If we put our focus on negative thoughts, then that’s what we will reap. We each have control over what we grow in our personal gardens - in the gardens of our minds, our hearts and our surrounding orbits. each day, we make active choices about what we are cultivating in our soil, of what we are choosing to grow. It is up to each of us to decide where we allow the sun to shine and and what we choose fertilize and water.


sometimes it might feel like the plant isn’t growing fast enough, that the fruit isn’t ripening when are ready to pick it, or that the flower isn’t blossoming when we wish to smell its fragrance. but this is when it’s important to accept that we cannot always control timing. This is when it’s important to have faith that if you are taking care of your seeds, keeping them in the light, fertilizing them when needed, and whispering to them with love every so often, they will eventually bear fruit in their own season. a flower doesn’t bloom overnight, but with patience, it will ultimately blossom…and when you are willing to wait and watch it grow, sometimes the bloom, the color that emerges, where the roots take hold and where the buds surface and even the direction in which it grows might even surprise you.